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Welte in France

Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH expands its sales activities in France.

For the first time, the Freiburg company presented itself at the Euroforest and showed there a W130. Especially for the French market, where forestry operators often have to ropes up the wood from long and steep slopes, Welte has made the rear of the machine particularly strong and firmly connected to the vehicle frame. On vertical guides it can be moved up and down. Welte offers a winch with 2x16t maximum rope power and 220m rope length with 14mm rope diameter. Upon request, a winch from the French manufacturer Bonnier/TCM is possible.
As a special feature Welte has for the own French winch under the name HZM 16 also in France so far only little known Konstantzugeinrichtung in the program. "This allows customers to tune their 16-tonne winch to the same cable force it has at full drum, which is about 60 percent of the 16-tonne, and the machine will have that power constant no matter how much rope is on the drum," she explains Welte Managing Director Joscha B. Nühnen. Sales Representative for France, Roger Muller, added:"The customer can then use thinner ropes while maintaining the same high level of safety." If you have to work with a rope 200m uphill and downhill, that is quite worth considering, some visitors said.
However, despite all the winds, the trend towards more crane work and six-wheeled vehicles was clearly noticeable at Euroforest, and Welte is well prepared here.