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Mr Alexander Welte said goodbye to his well-deserved retirement.

After decades of successful work as Managing Director of Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH in Umkirch, Mr. Alexander Welte has retired to a well-deserved retirement.

Mr. Welte, son of the founder and namesake, has shaped and formed the company. Many developments, mainly the combination machine W210 and later W130K and also the patented two-part combi basket, were designed, constructed and implemented by Mr. Welte in close cooperation with the customers. Among other things, the tried and tested Welte modular system was introduced, which continues to be developed further.

The technical succession has already been launched in recent years. With the growth of the company Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH, the tasks have become more varied and extensive, so that they have now been distributed to three heads: Mr. Riesle takes over the development side responsibility, Mr. Falk the service management, and Mr. Bosse the assembly line. All three bring years of experience and a lot of motivation for the future.

Photo from left to right:

Armin Riesle, Maik F. Nühnen, Alexander Welte, Joscha B. Nühnen, Andreas Bosse, Torsten Falk