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The short strong one

Welte introduces the new Skidder W190 four-wheeler.

In heavy timber harvesting, an entrepreneur wants a strong machine. But it doesn't have to be oversized. A suitable offer now comes from Breisgau.

The new Welte

Welte Fahrzeugbau actually wanted to show the third generation of its special forestry tractor W130 at the KWF-Expo in Hessen. Because this did not work out for known reasons, our author Johannes Sebulke had the machine explained to him shortly before delivery in the Welte factory in Umkirch.

Cut, lay, move

A Welte W130M with a Log Max 4000T is a solution for the small forest.

It doesn't always have to be a harvester. If you want to expand the performance of a chain saw team, you can also choose an interim solution.

The Dark Lord Welte

Forest entrepreneur Tobias Bücker leaves an impression with a W210K.

The work is hard, dirty and sometimes loud. And the days are often long. That's why many people who love their job work in the forestry industry. A clean black painted skidder doesn't hurt.