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Safe and Comfortable

Our product Design Suite ensures that driver’s cabs are comfortable workplaces with plenty of good views for forestry workers. The full article appeared in Produkt und Praxis.


Multifaceted, off-road and extremely robust - those are the requirements of special forestry tractors. A look back demonstrates that Welte is still meeting these criteria.

The full article appeared in OLDTIMER-TRAKTOR, 06/2015 issue, pp. 26-33. author: Dirk W. Köster

Harvest Demo

Welte presents its new skidder in Germany’s Sauerland and moves thick spruces.

The article appeared in FORSTMASCHINEN-PROFI, June 2015 issue. author: Fank Hellekes


Tranquil Power

The Welte W210 with two traction motors and a powerful crane.

This article appeared in the May 2015 issue of FORSTMASCHINEN-PROFI. Author: Julian Delbrügge