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The new 8-wheel machine in practice

The new 8-wheel-combi-machine was introduced at the KWF by Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH. Two month later the machine was reviewed in the wood by the forest company Bernhard Beyer.

Tandem-axles with automatically regulated wheel-load

Trends and market forecasts assume, that 6- an 8-wheel-machines become more and more relevance in the forest for the future. And they all use the tandem-axles. Due to their geometry the axles produce driving torques with unwanted erecting-effects. With the RaLaReg, Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH and the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg developed a workable solution.

A wooden welte

Forest entrepreneur Michael Hund is proud of his new Artwork.

Safe and Comfortable

Our product Design Suite ensures that driver’s cabs are comfortable workplaces with plenty of good views for forestry workers. The full article appeared in Produkt und Praxis.