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Combining Foresight and Consideration for the Past

Sustainability plays a critical role as an ecological and economic factor for Welte.

When working in the forest and on forestry machines technology and nature, curiosity and down-to-earthness come together. Also local solidarity is self-evident. And so sustainability and environmental compatibility are not only core issues in the market development, but also of personal importance to Welte.

high standards

The claim we have when designing and using our machines is simple: doing things right. This means not only considering the economic factors, but also meeting the environmental requirements and taking into account everything that surrounds you. If the existing technology does not optimally meet this requirement, then we are breaking new ground.

Switching steplessly - protecting the environment

A flagship project in the field of sustainability is SIB, the new drive concept for shifting gears, which has been developed with Welte's tradition-driven enthusiasm for innovation. It was important for Welte to adapt low-gear driving at full power as economically and ecologically as possible. SIB reduces the cost factor of diesel consumption and the associated environmental impact. For the forestry entrepreneurs, SIB means more output with less time, especially in view of the intensified price war over solid wood in recent years. The robust and proven solution of the hydrostatic drive used enables reliable work - in the forest and for the forest.