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Delivery caterpillar with Hatz four-cylinder

Radio controlled Forstraupen are in fashion, now there is also a model of Welte. It was not designed by the Breisgau machine manufacturer, but by the forestry master Rainer Bucher. The 45-year-old looked for his farm after a Forstraupe, but had something to complain about all models: either they were too light or had his taste over obsolete components. However, since he wanted a greater added value in his company and more independence, he devised a caterpillar according to his ideas. The design was taken over by a mechanical engineering company, but the concept finally convinced Welte: "The caterpillar completes our portfolio perfectly," says managing director Alexander Welte.
In order to be able to rope stronger wood, the W60 was deliberately built rather heavy, but with around 2.7 tonnes it can be transported by pick-ups or other vehicles with 3.5 tonnes towing capacity. The winch has a pulling power of six tons. It comes from Pfanzelt, since Welte currently produces only double drum winches. The drive takes over a Hatz four-cylinder diesel engine with 75 hp, the top speed is a fleet of eight km / h. The 150 cm narrow caterpillar has a 180 cm long drive with 35 cm wide rubber caterpillar tracks.
So far, a four-point mount is used for the attachment of tools, the change to a standardized three-point Rainer Bucher considers at least "imaginable". If you switch to mulching mode, the Hetronic control is automatically reversed. Bucher uses a Müthing MU H160 with a working width of 160 centimeters. Small downer: With attached mulcher and matching trailer is the weight over 3.5 tons; but a solution is being worked on.

The full article has been published in the journal "Forstmaschinen Profi", issue no. 5 May 2019