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"Forestry Entrepreneur of the Year" H+R Forst GmbH

We congratulate our customer H+R Forst GmbH from Osterode on the title "Forest Entrepreneur of the Year"


Carsten Henkel from Osterode in the Harz Mountains was a skid contractor for many years. He owned a few special forestry tractors, and as a trained forester, he also planted and maintained crops. The highly mechanized timber harvest was not an issue for him for a long time. It was only added when he founded a joint company with his colleague Marc Rosenberg in 2018: H+R Forst GmbH. Since then, they have been offering all forestry work from a single source with modern machinery. A special feature is a self-developed device for the tractor attachment in order to be able to treat the pile of wood against bark beetle infestation.

Henkel and Rosenberg have their sights firmly set on the future. For example, they mechanize the establishment of the stock so that the huge bare areas in the Harz Mountains quickly turn green again. They are also planning to train foresters. This is important to them because of the quality of work, which they demonstrate with the RAL quality mark for forest and landscape care, but also ensure it with qualified staff: 16 of the 26 employees have learned the trade of forester. Carsten Henkel is also involved in volunteer work in its own industry. He is an active member of the AfL Lower Saxony Forest Business Association and spokesman for the Harz/Elm region. He is also a member of the board of the Forestry Qualification Fund.