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There is Passion in Welte forestry machines.

Welte develops and builds robust machines with compact technology, which are created for reliable work in the forest. Welte vehicles and technologies can be assembled in a modular system in such a way that specific requirements can always be fulfilled within a proven framework - with maximum performance and sustainable Quality.  

Revolutionary considerate.

The Welte Innovations projekt Radlastregelung (RaLaReg) for improving the protection of the soil and the technical navigability of return lanes had as their top priority the Long-term considerate use of the forest floor. Investigations show that the most uniform possible load distribution on all wheels has a significant influence on a soil-conserving use of forestry machines and the preservation of the forest-technical passability of return lanes in the timber harvest. The RaLaReg technology makes this possible for the first time!


Circuit more robust.
Power more compact. System smarter.

For forestry machines, WELTE goes its own way. The latest step: the robust switching solution for continuous drive power and switching in motion. Brings more power, makes work more practical - and is durable as ever.

With consideration and vision.

At working in the forest and on forestry machines Technology and nature, curiosity and down-to-earthness come together. Also local solidarity is self-evident. And so sustainability and environmental compatibility are not only core issues in the market development, but also of personal importance to Welte.

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