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A Coming and Staying

Applying, Working and Shaping the Future at Welte

If you have a passion for forestry machines, this Welte is the right place for you. Look below to see just which position it might be and what strengths we're looking for at the moment.

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Are you interested in developing and manufacturing extraordinary special-purpose vehicles but you haven't spotted the perfect job on our portal? We'll be happy to receive your general application.

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What we offer: A fascinating workplace with a wonderful business climate in a dynamic, motivating environment that is open to new ideas and that promotes and rewards curiosity.

What we feel that naturally includes: Plentiful options for professional development, a suitable, fair compensation for performance, and the chance to set and reach goals together.

What excites us: Receiving your in-depth application by mail or online using our predefined form.

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Please send your application to the following address:
Welte Fahrzeugbau GmbH / Am Gansacker 8 / 79224 Umkirch 

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