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Forestry Chains


For extra-heavy off-road and forest duty.

Further Information

  • extreme grip
  • high mileage
  • gentle for both tires and terrain
  • good self-cleaning
  • above-average lifespan
  • drop-forged grip cleats
  • available with 13 mm ring and 10 mm round steel chain
  • available with 16 mm ring and 13 mm round steel chain

RUD profi Interforst

All-round chain for every application.

Further Information

  • available as 13 mm chain with 14 mm stud or as 16 mm chain with 16 mm stud

  • open "2 diamond" chain mesh design
  • easy to fit and remove

  • ideal chain for all uses in the forest
  • for all types of forestry machine and skidders
  • good self-cleaning

  • available with additional traction links


The forest chain for bogie axles.

Further Information

A product designed for the toughest work. Foresters and machine operators who need traction chains will, no doubt, welcome the arrival of Duetta.

  • Tough, light-weight, easy to install, inexpensive and fuel-efficient,
  • its self-cleaning flexible mesh clings to the tires and adjusts ideally to the surface during each movement of the machine, with no loss of traction
  • extremely high traction of a tested forestry chain
  • high lateral hold
  • low weight with optimal traction
  • very easy fitting
  • high-grade fine-grain manganese steel for optimal wear behavior
  • minimal influence on streets and pathways
  • good self-cleaning


Olofsfors Pro-Grip U

A product designed for the toughest work.

Further Information

Skid chains with spikes for professional applications.

  • available as 13 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm wear chains

Olofsfors Pro-Grip F

A stable and proven system.

Further Information

Skid chains with spikes for professional applications. The ring is constructed so that the spikes are held in an upright position to provide maximum traction.

  •  available as 13 mm and 16 mm wear chains
  • spikes and rings come in 16 mm and 19 mm sizes